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Over the past eleven years I have observed and participated in many critiques in architecture, graphic design, industrial art, and photography, as well as limited experience in several other disciplines. Hopefully my experience, not to mention those of others, will be able to assist members of DeviantART in developing their own ability to critique in a and help increase the overall quality of submissions on DA

This is a perpetual work-in-progress, so feel to express your opinion. This is the longest essay I’ve ever submitted to DA, so if you’ve ever read any of my previous stuff, you know that this is going to be REALLY long. But just remember…it may be lengthy for DA, but in reality is an incredibly short essay.

For other references, check out:
*A Guide to Good Critique Lit by !lovetodeviate
*Tips to Critique on DA by `GoblinQueeen
*Guide to Commenting by `coshdaddy
*How To Give Better Comment by `ZirTuan
*"Commenting For Dummies" by ~TheDevilMyself
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Submitted on
November 13, 2003
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